A Photo Journal – Sideshow presents: Sunday at the Training Shed (13)

The gang was down at Sideshow.Sg , SUNDAY AT THE TRAINING SHED (13). An amazing fun filled fiesta nestled in the corner of Labrador Park, Singapore.

As you enter towards the carpark, lines of bright orange cones equally distant from each other settle side by side greeting you. Kids, ladies, dads on these classic looking boards weaving swiftfully through the cones, getting really busy warming up . GLOBE  has lined up a fun slalom race for everyone to take part, oh boy, this is going to be exciting.

The smell of aerosol distinctively navigates your view through wooden panels of freshly painted red. A small yet artistic looking group busy plotting their ideas with them cans in hands, fingers ever so ready on the nozzles. OBEY  has lined up an army of talented local graffiti artists eagerly waiting to nail down their piece, LIVE, for all to see, from start and definitely to finish.

You could not help but wonder through through the thick smell of barbecued meat, your eyes then feast onto the freshly grilled satay and a whole plethora of delicious local snacks cased in shiny metal trays on a red white picnic runner. Hungry by now, you’re greeted by warm smiles from the Training Shed crew, busy attending to the building crowd, everything in plenty!

Beats, yes beats, thumping through your eardrums, accompanied with the rhythmic upward pull of the guitar, Stew Bamrah on the decks playing some funky reggae tunes now, making the ladies sway their feet. The stage/tent setup itself looks pretty killer and up next will be Kenneth Francis turning on the tables! Aidan Bamrah will go LIVE on percussions along with Tom Shellsuit later on and we noticed almost everyone has their dancing shoes on.

The crowd, such diversity, such energy and such positive vibes all around!  Bob Marley’s voice rang through our ears “My feet is my only carriage” and yes Bob, we’ve got to push on through.

The day has just started ladies and gentleman and we’re already looking forward for the next one!

Thanks for looking out for us Sideshow.sg!

Now people get jealous.

More images can be found on Here:

R0011789 R0011787 IMG_0525 IMG_0600 IMG_0590 R0011951 IMG_0583 R0011977 R0011901 R0011829 R0011837 R0011931 R0011929 R0011925 R0011907 R0011994 R0011893 R0011828 R0011889 R0011769 copy R0011775 R0011999 R0011883 R0012009 R0012011 R0012003 R0012039 IMG_0536 IMG_0681 R0012045 IMG_0717 R0012059 IMG_3333 IMG_3365 IMG_0769 IMG_0874 IMG_0877

About The Happy Poison Gang

The Happy Poison Gang brings a group of unique individuals to come forth to do what they love to do with a common dream for a livelihood poisoned by the beings that binds them to happiness. With the inspirations and influences from surfing, art and the collaborative spirit we would like to bring you your happy poison. Take it easy. Racun.

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